Friday, 14 October 2016

Life is hard

Giving up can be easy but hard, how do you just quit when you have so much to prove? Its easy to walk away and hide away from the pain but you cant run away forever, there will be a time when you faced with a choice, a choice to quit and prove everyone right who gave up on you, who failed you and betrayed you, or you can make a choice to change the Patten of failing over and over, you can step up and choose to walk In a different road, sometimes you have to make a hard choice because nothing matters but getting better, we all sick in some way but we have the choice to believe in 2 things , the choice of believing in something that doesn’t work or having faith in God who will heal you, this choice will lead you on a road where people believe different but you need to make a commitment if you do this you will get better, doesn’t make sense? Nothing ever do, like giving up , closing your eyes from the pain of people walking away and giving up on you, but you know what love them anyway…. Forgive them anyway, forgiveness is a need, just like shoes is a need to go out and walk in what the weather throws at you, the same go’s with forgiveness. Life is going throw you many rocks but you know what you have a choice. Choose the one that makes sense.

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