Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dear Jesus with the say like it is

Dear Jesus with the say like it is oh does this make any sense? Nothing ever does, like the leader who judges me before I could even explain to her why but why does my words matter? Im just angry right Jesus? Useless really like the fig trees among the apple tress oh Jesus teach me to pick them because I really cant keep picking lemons only but hey I seem to like the poison in my life and its killing me like all these secrets why cant I just be open and have everyone support oh Jesus send me the right people that will never walk away from me because of my illness because dear Jesus with any of my words and if you can hear any of this I beg you its getting pretty lonely here and its getting pretty heavy like the chains that carry me which cover my joy of any smile,  I cant smile not when the person I care about walks pass me without even a hello in the holy temple! Oh Jesus help me not withdrawal from any of this because I know this is the real deal  but is it worth  trying to fight any of it if im not wanted? Dear Jesus speak to everyone who wants to see me out and dead make them pure! Reach their hearts and Jesus take me deeper help me know you because dear Jesus I really don’t…

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