Thursday, 17 November 2016

I think friendships are over rated

I think friendships are over rated, honesty a few months back I had to face a friend who not only betrayed me but was happy that she did this,  she went on being the victim and still doing her dirty sins, it broke me but it broke me because I allow it to.
To this day she thinks that what she did was  okay when by the bible it was not but who am I to judge? We not perfect right? Well I thinks that’s bull because even when we make mistakes it doesn’t mean we can go around hurting people over and over and shouting I AM NOT PERFECT.
Lets face the truth dear that no friendship is perfect but to lie and betray your very close friend is like asking for a ticket to hell, I mean really look at where judas is? In hell because he chose to betray Jesus that’s just my take on it because I think friendships are over rated, When you searching for a friend it shouldn’t be because of the job they have or high they are or how well they doing oh no it should be because of the person which offers unique things but hey what happen to that? Gone like the wind in trees like kites that get stuck. I remember asking someone to be my friend which happen to be my therapist at the time her dead answer was no and boy did she break her own rules by being someone friend and she their therapist, I really had to ask God what on earth? And then he showed me that no matter how many people turn you down because you not good enough you good enough for him and that should be enough for you.
Today I am VERY careful who I call (friend) the only friend I have is Jesus and we still trying to work on a perfect friendship at least im not running to him every time I mess up and say but hey Jesus I am sorry im not perfect instead I run to him and say Jesus I so messed up help me work this out!

How many people can say that really? 

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