Wednesday, 2 November 2016

impossible goals

She gives me the impossible goals, they give me a single of pins thrown in to my face, they sit and tell me they cant help me, jesus living in them, oh no I didn’t…. bring up the name of the most high…in the mess of the darkness, she gives me hope at the same time she signs my death note and prepares my grave  ready to celebrate they worship God and praise him, oh no I didn’t… bring up the name of the most high…in this mess of darkness, she gives me the will to find a cure for this uncured  illness, with research after research filling my nights of writings im unable to find a cure, leaving me in deadly  shadows, they wait on me ready with knifes and shells to bend me in  bowls of scars, she gives me nothing but light to the living God , with nothing but written words I find myself in his books of life only to find no hope, and then it hit me….she gives me the impossible goals only to prepare me for the grave…

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