Tuesday, 3 January 2017

God words

Words has power and how we speak on to other people lives has a huge impact we really don’t understand this term.
My hole life people have just spoken bad over me, from special needs to retarded to the most horrible things. Everyday I face rejection and I get bully, people make fun of my eyes, my speech and the way I walk even how I look, it gets to you, and truly I tell you if it wasn’t for God I would be dead.
I watch how people speak of others, and it makes me angry. I had a friend and we were very  close, we rode our bikes together and walked miles and miles. He came from the streets and drank a lot, he too was angry and I could understand his angry not even our bible teacher at the time understood it, it was easy for him to make fun of us angry people instead of taking pity on us and understanding us.
One day my friend and I were walking and came across a lady who knew him from the street days, he explain to her how well he was doing, she laughed at  him and told him how he is going go back to the streets and how he will drink. I didn’t realize at that time how powerful those words were to him intill a few months latter he relapse and went back to the street life.
It tore me to see my best friend do this but it even broke me more that I did nothing about the words people had spoken over his life. If only I prayed or rebuked them, if I had just spoken to him about those words and tell him he was doing so well but I was so dam stupid to only thing of myself!
Words has power and I have seen it for myself. Everyone around me only spoke bad about me and I too went down hill, I had no support and the people who were meant to support me were the very people speaking death over my life.

I had to fight it but before I could do this I had to know God and how he felt about me, I can not fight any battle without knowing God love. Do I know his love? Day by day I learn more of it and I trust him. I trust him that he is with me even when people bully me, even when words are spoken over my life and people tell me cat you cant do this, I walk knowing I can, not because of what I know but because of what God says and in his word God tells me I can, he gives me life and speaks life and he the best person to have around. God words has power.