Thursday, 30 March 2017

Prayer that keeps healing me.

Our church has open a prayer room and I have really found myself in there a lot of my time, I could really sleep there, being in God house is something iv always log for, if I could live there I would!
I have been on a long journey with prayer before I came to this church, I  was at a prayer church before this one, and there set up is very  different and for me not real. When I came to this church they didn’t have a prayer room and there forces wasn’t on prayer but recently it has changed so much and I feel so strong that this is the real deal, I have visit so may church’s and have been planted in 2, I have really been on the search for truth, this is my 3rd church and it has really just changed my view on who I see Jesus, I really can just be so open with him, I can tell him what I think and really the not so good and he still loves me, Jesus really just wants to hear everything, and I really never saw that.
I have struggle with so much pain within the last few months and I really just had to be open about it to Jesus and honestly I told him I hated him for what happen and then I had to forgive him, it was healing for me. People think that he just wants to hear only the good stuff and that there is a way to pray but really there isn’t, he just wants to know EVERYTHING. Prayer is simply just talking, just being open, like you are with a friend, and Jesus is much more then that. I struggle so much with rejection as I have had so much rejection my hole life and to this day.  I really spoke to Jesus about this as he the only one who will ever understand my rejection, Jesus has faced rejection and he has face great pain and I really am so amaze at how no matter how much people reject Jesus he still loves them!
Prayer is all about healing and knowing Jesus and if you allow Jesus he will heal you, he will not force you, step by step he waiting for you to be open with him. Even if  its screaming out loud “I hate you” he still loves you and he wants to hear that. Jesus wants to hear everything are you willing to say something to him?
I love the story of David and How open he was with God about how he felt, He was never ashamed to tell him his hole heart and we shouldn’t either.

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