Saturday, 18 March 2017

Rejection You dear ass.

Oh dear how can I run from you? Oh how can I smash you with a cricket bat and how can you never return but you keep bowling me out and isn’t that an ugly game, never do I win!  Oh how ill say it like it is dear just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart, you think you can come in my life and walk out again oh how stupid of you, like lemon and apples how they don’t go together but hey do you know anything about that? Dear rejection you drive a stupid red car and a blue one, how I hate you but how I love you, I wish I could see the sun in this but I see nothing but clouds and it isn’t pretty at all, I see the waves of sea roaring in and the cars smash right at me like a six in a cricket game, oh how you suck and how I wish the game was long over… But Jesus wouldn’t agree, he shouting mercy mercy with them! I’m shouting flipping hell get away rejection GET AWAY! Oh how we dancing around in a cricket match and how I’m losing oh how it could end, rejection you dear ass you think you can win but I have a better captain ,with skills of a ice cube oh here I come smashing your cars and I am so going win the cricket game rejection you dear ass ill say a prayer and begin for war, a war of grace…wait… just wait dear for a moment…the game is over rejection you dear ass… 

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