Saturday, 25 March 2017

The 2 people who wont stop hurting me

I remember the first day I met teacher D, he was simply a jerk and I wasn’t going deal with it, he thought he was better then us, like we were nothing but really we are something, just the other day I was at the office where he works and he hasn’t changed one bit, I really was hurt by him and now he comes to me and wants to hug me? As if nothing happen? This was not the first time it happen and I hope it was the last, a pastor did the same thing to me, I mean really when you do something wrong say it and be sorry about it, but honestly the Christians I have met are never sorry they tell me I am rude and have no right to feel what I feel, Just the other Sunday OT D  came and touch me and wanted to be all nice to me and when I acted how I felt, she went along telling people I was rude but really she was just so stupid to do such a thing,  I mean doesn’t the bible speak about no gossiping?
Teacher D and OT D has always just been so hurtful, while teacher D speaks death over my life, OT D keeps walking out of it. I honesty hate the term I am not perfect because people tend to use it often and do the same crap over and over, and really its bull.

I have learnt to be friends with how I feel and know its okay to feel this way, ands really I love both these people but really they only want to be in my life when it suits them and as much as I love them I wont stand for it, ill stand my ground and be this angry bitter rude person that doesn’t even live, there one person that lives and that is someone who fights for love, for a home and for belonging, and to know Jesus more then ever, and if you reading this I am going say this like it is dear, That no matter how much you hurt me, and walk away from me ill always love you but taking care of myself and if that means being *RUDE* to you then so be it, you can not keep walking in and out my life dears…..

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