Thursday, 20 April 2017

Dear blue car

Dear blue car.

How can I tell you I just want you to stop rejecting me and start loving me for me. I wish you never gave up on me, I wish you saw me the way Jesus sees me, so what is wrong with me? Why do you keep putting me in a box? Why cant you just be you around me, why cant you just be apart of my life? When I walk pass you singing I smile with pain, if only I can just walk up to you and tell you how awesome you sing! But I have no idea what to say to you as the fear of rejection always packs me like sour worms. Sometimes I wake up after a bad dream and think of you, how you would of told me to always look on to Jesus, sometimes I wish you were there just praying with me and maybe that’s something that you never agree with but what do you agree on? Just placing me in a box and putting a label on it when you the one who told me that im not special needs, you the one that moved a rock in my thinking and now I sit here in tears without you in my life. Maybe one day you walk back in my life and never walk out again but right now you drive in and drive out and I only pray one day your car breaks in front of me so you can leave it and know and love me as Christ would.

in till
then drive well blue car.

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