Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Knowing the blue car

As I came to her to hug her, I felt peace, “its good to have done this with you” she looked at me with those jesus eyes, and agree with me, she then spoke words that tore me inside, “ill see you in church” I smiled and walked away oh how the Lord has worked in me and how I knew that this was not the end. I wrote her a note and left it next to her bag and walked out the building that  help me face the blue car, the car that hit me and yet build me. The choices I made changed because of the blue car and how I wish I could just share it.
Friendship was not what I seek it was just having her in my life and seeing me grow in Christ but I couldn’t even burst those words in to living air. I was scared that she reject me all over again and how walking out those doors did just that.
I got to know the blue car in 10 days and how it changed my view on it, how to love in the eyes of Jesus and how to have his heart, all I saw was a loving and kind person who did drive me over yet try to to drive back but I never allow it to happen.
As I began to walk home I thought about my note I left next to her bag, was it being a chicken or was it being wise, the questions I ask myself at times often leave me with a bang of bees in my head but even if so I know if I did not ask I would never know.

I wonder if I forces to much on my pain and missed the beauty of the blue car, how it was made and how strong it really it, what ever the case may be I knew one thing it was time to know the blue car and I was exited about it.

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