Thursday, 20 April 2017

The blue and red car strike yet again!

Recently I discover a photo of me posted against my will and on a website and on the company report I was at, they did this against my will even when I sign a form saying no to any photos being publish.
I was mad angry, and lost the plot! I was ready for war and this war was going destroy them! I really had to pray about it and I am still trying deal with it but it Got me thinking of how I should of really response. The normal world would sue them and have them in court and really make them suffer for it but in the life of Jesus things work different.
I love them and always will love them, I know that one day ill be back there but in God time not mine, I started to think it wasn’t about the photo, it was about the pain they caused me and still to this day they think they did nothing wrong. I always speak good about this company and I always encourage people to go to them.
Even when they hurt me so much, and really they really did a lot but I am always reminded about the story of the woman in the bible how she was about to get stone and Jesus said “ let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”
We all mess up and we can never judge even when the person is really wrong. We need to forgive because Jesus has forgiven us. This how ever is really hard for me, often I get bully and people really treat me badly BUT I HAVE TO FORGIVE.

It’s a daily choice to forgive and love and give the other person a 2nd chance and more then that. God is the judge and one day the people that have hurt me so much will get their turn for now, all I can do is trust God and wait on him. Let the blue and red car hit me, ride me over and kill me but I’m still there loving them no matter what I feel.

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