Wednesday, 19 April 2017

When the hurting gets enough

When ever I go in to depression and in to the suicide mode I am told to go to the hospital and then I am kindly told not to talk about it, and that’s pretty bull ship! Hey I wont swear here since I’m a Christian and I need to be perfect? Oh how is that bull too!
For the past 8 months I have to deal with rejection, pain and suffering and I use to ask myself why? Now I’m like hey but jesus suffer too! But there comes a point when the hurting gets enough and this is it the voice is about to speak!
People tell me I’m bitter angry and just a horrible person and people break me and then they also go back on their words and wait for it…..These people are called… Christians!
It is not OKAY to break people and it is not OKAY to look at people in your eyes but in Jesus eyes! I am so fed up with Christian companies who are there to help people but INSTEAD THEY SENDING PEOPLE TO A LIVE HELL! Who knew that?! This world is so sick! You get people who label you and be like hey I want nothing to do with you but even that is sick!
But hey who am I to judge right?  I have had to face major hurt from people who are meant to help me and these people I love so much,  There is so much reason to sue them and speak against them and make their lives as a living hell but that’s what they want, I have had to fall on my knees and ask God to change their heart, to help them see me the way he does, I had to pray and ask God to help them love me for who I am but then I realize that God loves me and that is enough and even writing about them gives them praise and not him.

I am here to Praise Jesus and let his wonders change my heart and even when you tie me up with all your lies and betrayal ill still love you because Jesus loves me and that all that matters !

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