Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Loving the blue car

I never thought I would be standing next to the person who gave up on me in worship, I never thought I would see her the way jesus sees her, and better yet, I never thought I would love her the way jesus does. I always loved her but with terms…now I see her and im just filled with compassion… it still hurts… and even when she keeps hurting me I still find myself forgiving her over and over…perhaps the best way to love the blue car was just that, to love without the terms. Forgetting all the wrongs and praying for her,,, but sometimes… praying for the blue car can get really deep…I guess the hurt it has left me has given me good reason to get deep with jesus and for that I thank it. who knew I could just smile at her and worship with her and be in one building without feeling so mad with her…I guess one could say by time it got better but I wouldn’t say that…by prayer I got to love the blue car in a new way. And its taught me something so cool…. That the way jesus loves is way better then my way. because when we love the way jesus does it opens new paths leading to his way and his perfect plan.

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