Friday, 16 June 2017

The box.

I hate the fact that the world is so quick to label us in to a box and ship us away and let us buy ourselves out the box, in fact I hate even expressing anything I ever know or feel because its like a see saw, it gos down and up and then bam you fly in the sky and hit your head all the way down, and then when you laying on the ground crying you are picked up, shifted in to a box and bye bye intill you can buy yourself out, but the box was never meant to be, it just appears when the world begins to label each person and that's sad, what's more sad is that people can just simply be all right about it, when God gave them a way to fix things and to be healed yet he's not good enough, we just buy ourselves a box and place ourselves in it and pay to leave it or learn to live in it.... What a load of hog wash. Like wash your brain and turn your eyes in to the truth before its too late because Jesus is coming back and will anyone of us be ready or will we be too caught up in our own stupid box?

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