Friday, 30 June 2017

The heart of serving

Its been almost 3 years that I haven't been serving in church. I use to attend another church, in fact 2 and both I serve. The one more . I remember serving 3 places and gave it all . I did my best and yet it still was not good enough. After a huge rejection at the one church I began to slowly drift away from the life of serving.
Now I am in a different church as well as a member. I recently try to get in to one area and had to face some rejection but this time I took it as pinch of salt and try somewhere else and when I began I loved it. It was not even a month and again I had to face some more set backs and it really tore me as it reminded me of the church I was before.
So I got mad and have decided to not serve at all. I mean why try ?
God has created each of us to serve but we need to find that place where he has called us to.
It doesn't have to be in a area of a church, in fact it can be something God has called you for and he uses that to bring the church closer then ever. We often place so much pressure on ourselves as to serve and then do it but are we really doing it for God and are we really serving where God has called us to be?

In the years I serve I always thought it was about God house and pleasing his people but I was so wrong. So very wrong. Serving is a act of worship, it's something you do to praise God and give him Thanksgiving, it can even be washing the dishes!
Almost every day I wake up at 4.30 and often go to the kitchen and start washing up, the people I live with do not understand that for me this is an act of worship and by doing this I am serving the Lord and talking to him.

I realize that serving comes from the heart and doing so brings your heart out for the Lord.
What are you called for ? Are you called to be bold and doing something different then other people ? because let me tell you that God has called you to be different and to do the things he has place in you and in your heart and if the church you in does not have that, be bold and stand up and talk because there a very good reason why you there. Use your gifts and do not use them for anyone else but for God!
As for me I plan to rock the church with the purpose of God has given me. I am called to be bold and to be the voice to the voiceless and so I will do just that !

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