Friday, 4 August 2017

Fight on

Life is hard, there is so many challenges and set backs but we have to fight but we have to find a reason to fight. For the past year I had given up, I was still falling in to hard pattens, I only went down hill and kept going down hill. My mento always asks me what will make me to want to fight for me ? I wondered what will want me to fight ? I had no hope. In fact even being a Christian I still find myself to be dead, I had no fight left in me. I want to die. I don't want to be in a world where I don't belong. 

As I faced my struggles I came across this message. 

(Dont act like you are walking around with a Tshirt that says "I give Up!" on the front and on the back saying "I never started trying!"
People can bring you down, situations happen, YOU can feel like Life is the shittiest thing to deal with. BLAH BLAH BLAH..
If you're walking through Hell, keep going! Everyday there's a new challenge. Face it! Deal with it! Move on! To every problem there is a solution or a way around it.. Stop being a sour mongral and think life owes you something..
No one will do anything for you these days. Start fighting. Get rid of ALL the shit people in your Life. Grow some balls of steel and work progressively through everything. Step by Step or what ever mad method you have to get you back in line again.
Who cares, if people don't like you, BURN that mother of a bridge down. It was never meant to be.. Build New ones! Many roads to cross and new paths on life to Explore..
It starts with YOU.. And if people want to judge you, tell them to F/O and look in the mirror. Time for a new game.. It's called "Take over the World" WHOOOP WHOOOP) 

That's pretty inspiring, wise and so true. Guess what ? My birth mother wrote this. As I read this I was in deep shock. I knew God was talking to me and he was talking to me though my mother. That's what I needed but I needed to hear that from her. 

My birth mom and I have had a long journey but I love her no matter what. She my mom and no matter what we disagree on, she still my mom. My mom very wise. Very in to writing when she feels like it too ! 

As I was thinking about what I just read I realize I needed to fight for myself but for her too. She the reason why im here. She carried me for 9 months! 

I wanted to give up I still do, and I did, for a year I fell and fell hard but now I'm crawling again and I want to walk and then run. Iv had a shit year but that's okay I'm still here. For some reason. I must fight on and everyone who feels like I do. We must fight on !

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