Sunday, 13 August 2017

The hello and good bye box

Life sucks specially when we are place in a "box" thie world is all about a box. If you fat then they box you, if you thin then they box you, if you just a little bit different then they box you, in reality the world only allows normal and rebukes any idea of "different" how sad is that really ? 

Its hard when you stand out but let's face it some of us were made to stand out because that's how God created us. 

As I was standing In church waiting for someone, my old therapist was around , It was super hard for me to be there normally I slip away but this time I had to wait for someone, as she made eye contact I looked at her and thought girl I'm going punch you, and walked across the room. 
I didn't know what made me angry towards her, maybe it was the hurt she left me, or the pain, perhaps it was the fact we didn't have any kind of relationship and that really upset me that she could only say hi and goodbye she didn't care about anything else and that was very difficult for me. 
I hate people who box you in the hello and good bye box. God Is a God of relationship  and he wants everyone to have a relationship.
As I was standing by the other side I wanted to run to the therapist and hug her and tell her to say sorry to me, beg her to love me and fight for me. If there was anything I wanted most was to see her fight for me and to love me but deep down I knew that wouldn't happen. Not now at least. 
When it comes to her or to anyone like her I have 2 choices to avoid and pray for the people or to face them and fight for them. 
Iv learnt that only God fights for me. He knows our hearts and he restores things but only if we ask him. 

We live in a world where we are in the hello and good bye box , stand out and break out of it. God had called you to have relationship with everyone and to love them just as he has loved us. Never give up. There is hope. 

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