Friday, 8 September 2017


So my blog of the new mirror bought some questions and I would like to bring 2 new parts in to it where I want to take a look at each mirror the old and the new.
Lets take a look at the old in this post.
As a person who struggles with suicide I struggle a lot with the dark world, when I speak of the dark world I am speaking of my own (dark world)
I see my own dark world with myself thinking of dead things and thinking about the dead world, even harming myself, I could see myself fall in to this darkness and perhaps people around me saw this darkness, as I take a look at the photos I have taken over time I see such a powerful testimony that I can not keep to myself. I guess the only way I knew how to cope was to fall in to this dark world of  mine, every time something happens or a set backs hits me I fall harder and harder, I refuse to fight for myself but harm myself as if im punishing myself,
When we get set backs we have 2 choices, we can choose to work though it or we can refuse to work though it and fall in to a deep dark hole and perhaps die in it.
Sadly I chose to not work though my pain I encounter after leaving the program I was on, instead I fell in to darkness and for months I did not fight  for myself. I allow a evil picture to take place in my head about the people who hurt me instead of going to them and working though it with them.
I choose to hold on to the new mirror God has given me and hold on to him who has saved me from sin even more from death.
In your own life is there some darkness and how have you overcome it?

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