Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The help I log for.

I try over and over again to reach out for help but I realize I can not be help, I realize nobody around me can help me, and when I fall deep down in the shallow pit of depression I am all alone and that's how it will always be, my birth mother couldn't handle me, my adopted family couldn't handle me, the teachers couldn't handle me, the people iv come across as an adult couldn't handle me and I sit here with this huge burning question why Jesus why can't I get help? why can't anyone handle me ? why can't the blue car help me ? why can't the red car help me ? why can they help people who rape abuse and harm others but can not help me ? Jesus what's wrong with me ? please tell me why ? now that I want it, there none, everyone says I must not give up, I must keep on fighting but everyone has given up on me they have stop fighting for me so Jesus can I be loved ? can anyone ....just love me ? why Jesus can't you heal me ?

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