Friday, 17 November 2017

The twist is about to come out

Twist me one more time with some words and I'll break you with nothing but a voice that rocks the earth with many waves, twist me one more time with some hits and I'll break you with an ice cube breaking you in half, twist me one more time with the lies of masks of boys flipping me in to the mirrors of confusion... Oh no its out....out of the box...out of the closest... No riddles can hide this... No I can't even hide this... I tried for years... Living this lie....I can't keep living this way , a lie over one... And who am I ? Even the mirror laughs at me in make up because I can't hide it, hide all this guilt and what's worse....I don't even know where it's coming from... Is it from confusion... Is it because of my past .... Hit my head so I can forget this...I want nothing of this...I just want to be a good Christian and follow all the rules so I can go to this not about that after all ? Not about me and what I want.... Not who I am or who I really am...oh no here I am again in riddles of nothing but lies.... Perhaps I should open heart to this idea and discover Jesus in the process... Perhaps I should just live and see... Open the door and come out of the shell.... Be pride of who I am and love me... Just maybe I will love me the real me...after all Jesus I close my eyes I see one truth and one truth only... The me no one could love.... So I walk out of this shell...and love the person I am...and if its this is a season of self discovery then let it be. Let the twist of lies falls away and let the boy come out ! Let the tears fly high and let the hair come down, let the shorts come on the the dress's break apart and if this is insults anyone .... So be it.... But this is my life and here I am trying find out why Jesus loves me this way but hey I guess only this matters to me because my ears are blocked to all the twist that could hurt me. Only one twist... Twisting my shoes on and dancing in the love Jesus has for me. gos !

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